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About Company

Bris Co. was established in 2007 and built in 60000 square meters of it’s own plant and start to pilot
production. Production certificate has been patented to the company since four years continuous
production and using the knowledge of local experts. In 2011 by installing continuous casting machine
(CCM) and produce steel billet, we played a part in the self-sufficiency of the country.

Factory Products:


Several size of billets made of different alloys

Bullion 6 meters

Bullion 8 meters

Bullion 10 meters

Bullion 12 meters

"+15 Years of Experience"

All the managers and the employees committed to meet the world standard and improve the efficiency
of the quality management system.


Being one of the first in the melting industry

Organizational Study

Make space to create and using new ideas


Make new opportunities and improving entrepreneurial soul

Constant Development

Pay attention to the environment and the next generations

Gallery :

Photos of the factory activity and the procedure of billet production