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About Company

The Bris Co. stablished in 2007 and initiated its tentative production on its own facility of 60,000 m2 and with the aid of the local professionals and experts. The company after four years of efforts succeeded to achieve production certificate from MOC. In 2011 installing continuous casting machine (CCM) to produce steel ingot, Bris Co. played a part in the self-sufficiency of the country.

Factory Products:


Ingots of different alloys by continuous casting in different sizes

Bullion 6 meters

Bullion 8 meters

Bullion 10 meters

Bullion 12 meters

"+15 Years of Experience"

Managers and staff at Bris company are committed to meeting the requirements of standards and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.


Leading the metal smelting industry

Organisational Learning

Create a space for creating and enjoying new ideas


Creating new opportunities and promoting entrepreneurial spirit

Sustainable Development

Pay attention to the environment and future generations

Gallery :

Pictures of the factory environment and the process of steel bars production by Bris Co. :